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After half year of drawing, development, trials and tests on prototypes we start with serial production of plywood volumes. Actually we offer 13 models, some shapes will be add for sure. Volumes are made from water-resistant plywood thickness 18 mm,

Some of you have surely noticed a “machine” placed in climbing center K2-Bratislava more than 1 year. It is new project of climbing simulator, that we are developing in cooperation with our collleague Michal Viskup. The machine works on simple

As in any kind of sport as well as climbing attaches variouus injuries and accidents. The majority of them are caused by inattention, carelessness or ignorance. You do not even have to be climbing, and you may have something to

In early June 2016, we completed a very nice project for climbing Zázrivá active association. We built climbing walls practically in the external environment, in a narrow space between two existing buildings. This excellent idea fill unused space. The climbing

If you want to see or try our climbing holds, one of many options is competitions. We´ve helpt several times by giving climbing holds. Organisators built easily climbing lines or boulders. You could see climbing holds Anatomic during competition Adidas

From the beginning of this year we embarked on a large creation of new climbing holds models. After long research of new production materials, we found the perfect one for modeling. We were able in a short time to create

Climbing structure made of fiberglass became recently very popular among climbing community. They are perfect for creating bouldering problems. And in same case you need just two pieces of volumes for a boulder. The big advantage (among others) is the