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Climbing Holds, Volumes and Walls - Anatomic

Plywood Volumes

Plywood Volumes

After half year of drawing, development, trials and tests on prototypes we start with serial production of plywood volumes. Actually we offer 13 models, some shapes will be add for sure. Volumes are made from water-resistant plywood thickness 18 mm, on the climbing wall you can assemble them by self-tapping screws, reccomended dimension 4,5×40 mm.

Four Groups of Shape

1. Pyramids

Classic three-sided pyramids in five sizes – štruktúra 27, štruktúra 40, štruktúra 45, štruktúra 69 and 136.

2. Individual shapes

Plywood volumes of various shapes and sizes, individually mountable – MANTA, Arrow, diamond, DRAGON

3. Modular system

Base system consists of the identical wall, located on each volume. Thanks to it is possible in various combinations together to form the structure of interesting profiles – Volume 83 R/L, Longer, Krivan R/L, Spike, Shorty

4. Dual Textures

After long experiments we tuned the surface treatment and we included dual texture – we made the surface really. Structures also have a coating on the back – increasing their durability and cleaning resistance.

5. Right / left option

Several structures are designed to be able to make right and left variants. Making connections (and irregular) is possible to create next shapes – Volume 83 R/L, Volume Krivan R/L, Manin R/L.

Solid Coating

The cooperation of one of the largest European manufacturers of painting systems, we developed our own coating technology – SOLID COAT. Therefore our volumes has perfect structure of the surface – excellent friction to grip, color stability, high durability. While we offer four basic color versions – light grey, red, black, green.

In all plywood volumes we were used for the assembly of climbing holds the compressed raster, of course, T-nut we used only with safety holes for 2 self-tapping screws (instead standard T-nuts with 4 edges). E.g. on the pyramid 136 you can use up to 116 positions, the dome at the 152.