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Delivery and Postage

Delivery and Postage

Your orders in the Slovak Republic deliver courier company Geis Parcel SK delivery into their own hands. To other countries, we choose the way of delivery individually.

When ordering, you fill in billing information. If you wish to send a package to a different place, you have to mark Delivery and Postage and complement delivery information.

Delivery takes 5-7 working days counting from the day of ordering. On the expedition day we will contact you via e-mail informing you about delivery date and package number. Under the number of packages you can track your order via tracking service

Delivery and Payment – Czech Republic

There are two ways for payment method when delivery to Czech Republic:

  • bank transfer
  • pay cash on delivery

Delivery through the courier company Geis takes from the date of ordering 7-9 working days.

If you’d like to speed up delivery, or we have a delayed delivery, please contact us by mail or call +421 948 308 898.

Shipping cost

Amount of shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the heaviest item in the order. The form of payment does not matter, you can pay by bank transfer to the account or by cash on delivery.

Price for delivery to other countries

In most cases we are dealing with transport to other countries individually. We are looking for the cheapest solution for a particular order and delivery countries. For each order in other countries it needs to pay by bank transfer order.