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Instructions for use

Instructions for use climbing holds and artificial panels Anatomic

Instructions for use

Manufacturer Anatomic s.r.o., Na Strani, Zilinska Lehota 122, 01001 Zilina, Slovakia, tel. 0903 565 113,
Compound Plastic concrete – resin, sand, pad
Usage The holds are used for climbing on an artificial climbing wall, the training boards are designed for static hangings and finger strengthening. The holds are designed for indoor and outdoor use.


Warranty: 24 months for material and design
Warranty conditions Proper use, professional fastening, and appropriate loading. Improper storage, improper use, damage, alteration, and improper use are not covered by the warranty. The holds must not come into contact with solvents and corrosives, they must not be exposed to frost below -10 ° C and temperatures above 60 ° C. Neither the manufacturer nor the distributor is responsible for the direct and indirect consequences that may result from using climbing holds.
Fastening Climbing holds are fastened with M10 Allen screws to the prepared holes with a dowel, anchor, or impact nut. All holds must be secured with a 4.5 / 40-60 self-tapping screw to prevent the grip from turning. All holds must touch the wall over the entire surface. The wall surface must be treated with a non-slip coating that prevents the grips from overturning. The holds are tightened only with such force that they do not overturn. If they are overtightened, they can be damaged – cracked. If the artificial hold falls on a hard surface during installation, do not use it.

Návod na použitie

Treatment Brush, lukewarm soapy water, drying at room temperature, repeated wall mounting after washing until perfect drying.
Service life Mechanical wear depends on the method of use, with good care and correct use the service life is not limited.
Návod na použitie


Climbing artificial walls is a life-threatening activity, which can result in injury. The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences of using climbing holds.