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Climbing Holds, Volumes and Walls - Anatomic

Safety Rules on Bouldering Wall

As in any kind of sport as well as climbing attaches variouus injuries and accidents. The majority of them are caused by inattention, carelessness or ignorance. You do not even have to be climbing, and you may have something to happen to. We have prepared a small, illustrative summary of the basic rules to help you avoid a lot of unnecessary injury on the bouldering wall.


Make sure you always fall on your feet when jumping or falling. You do not seem to choose when falling… When you are not sure, do not jump at high heights. Think about the consequences of impact. Be careful! Some holds can rotate!


Climbers, who are already bouldering or climbing on the wall, take precedence. Keep an eye on where others are and where they are going. Make sure you do not collide. Do not climb in the fall-zone of another climber.


Pay attention on the ongoing situation on the wall and around you. Do not stay in the fall-zone or under climbing people.


Do not leave your stuff (bottles, brushes, climbing shoes) in the fall zone. They can cause injury.


Children under the age of 12 can enter to the area of bouldering wall only under the guard of an adult. Children are forbidden to run around or play in the fall-zone. (Unless it´s a part of a climbing training or warm-up.)


Use only clean shoes specified for climbing. Allowed are football boots without spikes. Be considerate and not mess around barefoot!


When climbing boulder in hights it´s better to climb down than jump down.


When bouldering, make sure that someone is catching you from safe distance when you fall. It will guide you to a fall and help you gain balance.