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Lamino Y

307,20 inc. TAX

Dimensions: 85x64x25cm
Usage Assembly
90-degre 30-degre screw


Lamino Y is a climbing volume made of fiberglass. Its surface is covered with hold material. Thanks to the material climbing volume are considerably lightweight but strong. It is suitable for vertical or slightly overhang climbing profiles.

  • Inside the holes for self-tapping screws, there are metal washers, which significantly increases the product life
  • For durability of construction, we add the ribs, which are extended to the end, and create a filling of the holes for screws

Lamino Y Volume

Holds in set: 1
Size: XTR
Dimensions: 85x64x24cm
Type: Sloper, Jug
Usage – Angle 0°-60°
For installation on a wooden surface of 18-20mm (plywood, particleboard…)
Wood screws 4,5×40 8pcs
Fasteners are not included in climbing set
All climbing holds are suitable for outdoors and indoor use.


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