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Round Base T-nut M10/12

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Narážacia matica M10/12

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Round Base T-nut M10/12 with an internal thread is used to install climbing holds on wooden surfaces.

Round Base T-nut M10/12 – Assembly

Before installing holds we must prepare our wooden board first. We drill holes in the board with a diameter of about 1.30 cm. Make holes in places where you consider putting climbing holds. We drill in places where we will consolidate holds or create a grid of holes. With the basic grid, you can change the positions of holds later more easily. If you know in advance that you will never move holds, the grid isn´t necessary.

Fasten climbing holds with Allen screws and wooden screws. to find out a suitable size of Allen screw you have to put the screw through the hole in the climbing hold. If the screw sticks out on the board thickness you´re good. The internal thread of the t-nut and the external thread of the Allen screw must fully overlap. It´s wrong if threads meet partially or not at all.



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