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Round Base T-nut M10 with holes

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Round Base t-nut has an internal thread. It is made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm. It is used to install climbing holds on wooden surfaces (sheets, plywood, chipboard …). The difference between a t-nut and a t-nut with holes is in its method of installation. The first one has spikes as fasteners and the other one is secured using two screws of size 4,0×20.

Before installing t-nuts on a board you have to drill holes average of approximately 1,3cm. Install nuts on the back side of the board. Then drill screws through holes in t-nuts.

The advantage of these t-nuts is longer service life. The other nuts may become loose while drilled screws hold much longer.


A number of nuts can choose according to the number of holds, or you can make a “raster”.
For more information click here “How to install climbing holds”.

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