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Round Base T-nut with holes

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Skrutkovacia matica M10


Round Base t-nut has internal thread. It is used to install climbing holds on wooden surfaces (sheets, plywood, chipboard …). The difference between t-nut and t-nut whith is in its method of installation. Fisrt one has spikes as fasteners and the other one is secured using a two screws of size 4,0×18.

Before installing t-nuts on a board you have to drill holes avarage approximetly 1,3cm. Install nuts on the back side of the board. Then drill screws throught holes in t-nuts.

The advantage of these t-nuts is longer service life. The other nuts may become loose while drilled screws hold much longer.


Number of nuts can choose according to the number of holds, or you can make “raster”.
For more information click here “How to install climbing holds”.

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