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Allen Screw 10/80

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Imbusová skrutka 10/80


Allen Screw 10/80 – a steel screw with a socket head is used for the actual mounting of the climbing holds. In order for the Allen screw to fulfill its purpose, it must be used in combination with Round Base T-nut M10/12 with an internal thread.

Allen screw 10/80 – Assembly

When assembling climbing holds, DO NOT TIGHTEN the Allen screw with VERY GREAT FORCE! Holds may be damaged. It is important that the internal thread of the nut and the external thread of the Allen screw completely overlap. We list the required number of Allen screws with each climbing hold or climbing set in the e-shop. The sizes of the screws are given when installing the grips on a board with a thickness of 18-20 mm. You can find more information and the procedure on the “Installation of holds” page.

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