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49,00 40,83 bez DPH

Holds in Set: 6
Usage Assembly
90-degre 30-degre screw


Noses are medium-large and large climbing holds with the type of grip pinches or slopers, it depends on how you place the holds on the wall. There are 6 pieces of holds in the set made of polyester. Holds are suitable for vertical walls, or for climbing walls whose slope is up to 30°. Holds are among the mediums difficult to grip.

Noses climbing holds

Holds in set: 6pcs
Size: M – L
Type of grip: Slopers, Pinches
Usage – Angle 0°- 30°


For installation on a wooden surface 18-20mm (plywood, particle board…)
Wood screws 4,5×40 15pcs
Fasteners are not included in climbing set
All climbing holds are suitable for outdoors and indoors use.

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