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Hangers DUAL

133,00 inc. TAX

Holds in set: 3pcs
Usage Assembly
15x 1x
90-degre 45-degre screw screw


Hangers DUAL are climbing holds with a dual texture, i.e. that part of the surface of the hold is smooth and without friction. There are 3 pieces of holds in the set made of polyurethane and a type of grip Edges or Slopers, depending on how you place the holds on the climbing wall. Holds are suitable for vertical walls, or for climbing walls whose slope is up to 30°. Holds are among the more difficult to grip.

Hangers DUAL climbing holds

Holds in set: 3
Size: L, XL, XXL
Grip-type: Edges, Slopers
Usage-angle 0°-30°
For installation on a wooden surface of 18-20mm (plywood, particleboard…)
Wood screws 4,5×40 15pcs
Wood screws 4,5×80 1pc
Fasteners are not included in the climbing set
All climbing holds are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

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Dual Texture