How to get build climbing wall?

How to get build climbing wall?

  • Final price is determined by the square meters wall we built.
  • Price includes design, complete construction and paint.
  • You get nice discounts to our holds
  • We are doing load tests of protections points

Construction of Climbing Wall, Humenne 2007

1 Choosing place for climbing wall and first contact with designer

Lezecká stena K2 Žilina rok 2017

Climbing Wall K2 Zilina year 2017

Climbing Wall K2 Zilina year 2018

If you have good place for wall, please check our reference climbing walls and try to find most similar wall. Write to us on email and describe to us your concept.

Your email should have contain following informations:

  • Description of your idea of climbing wall and target group of users (children, commercial, competition,etc.)
  • Dimension of place for building a wall
  • Photos of building area
  • Basic description about construction of building (walls, roof, etc.)
  • Static report of building (if available)
  • Contact

After consultation, we will send to you informative calculation for building climbing wall and pilot project.

2 Cost calculation and contact for work

Afteracceptance of basic calculation, we will do final calculation, which is part of CONTRACT FOR WORK. If it`s necessary we`ll do statical report of climbing wall.

Part of statical report for wall K2-Poprad

3 Building and finishing of work

Duration time of building climbing wall is approximately 3 days for 20 m2 of wall. After finishing of building get investor FINAL CERTIFICATE OF CLIMBING WALL.

Load Testing of wall in Štrbské Pleso