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Anatomic Boulder Star 05.10.2019

Anatomic Boulder Star 05.10.2019

We invite you to a bouldering competition on the outer climbing wall. They will be held on 5.10.2019 in the climbing center K2 in Žilina.

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Climbing Walls - CNC panels

Climbing Walls - CNC panels

A technological innovation has been added to our offer - for demanding customers we can build a climbing wall with a casing composed of precisely formatted CNC panels.

Reconstruction of climbing wall - HK Manín

Reconstruction of climbing wall - HK Manín

During 2019, we completed the reconstruction of the climbing wall for HK Manín in Považská Bystrica. At the beginning of the project, we added 220 m2 of climbing area (including a boulder on the 1st floor), in addition to the completion of the new wall, the old one was renovated. The SOLID COATING surface perfectly revived the old profiles and a suitably selected shade illuminated and visually expanded the entire space.
Racing set of climbing holds

Racing set of climbing holds

We set up a pack of holds and volumes for competition organizers, that can be borrowed for the purpose of route setting lead or boulders. It contains about 150pcsof PE and PU holds + plywood volumes. If interested, contact us at or +421 905 838 074.
Climbing center Trencin

Climbing center Trencin

At the turn of 2018/2019 we completed the climbing center project in Trenčín. Wall parameters: climbing area 1000 m2, 130 m2 boulder. Max. height 18 m.
New Upgrades on Volumes & Holds

New Upgrades on Volumes & Holds

See how many upragades and improvements, technology and design, we have achieved in the last year. We are constantly working on the quality of our products.
Read more in the article.
Renovation of Climbing Walls

Renovation of Climbing Walls

We are offering complete renovation of the surface of the climbing wall using a new technology called SOLID COATING, developed in collaboration with ALCEA, a leading world color maker.

If your climbing wall needs to be revived, we are happy to process a quote for complete renovation, write or call +421 (0) 905 838 074
Northland CUP 2009 Qualification

Northland CUP 2009 Qualification

It was year 2009, we were young and stupid. Now, we are just stupid. When you clean the mess in your home, you find anything and remembers even this gem.

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