Bouldering Wall Scheidt & Bachmann Žilina

Bouldering Wall Scheidt & Bachmann Žilina

Bouldering wall in the unique environment of the Scheidt & Bachmann IT center in Žilina. The wall is intended for boulder climbing and is provided with a soft landing. This kind of facility can offer various benefits to individuals and the workplace as a whole. Such as Physical Health and Wellness, Team Building, Creativity, Problem-Solving or Breaks, and Stress Relief.

Climbing walls provide an opportunity for team-building activities, fostering communication and trust among colleagues. Having a climbing wall in the workplace offers a unique and enjoyable break option for employees. It can serve as a stress-relief activity, helping employees recharge and return to work with renewed focus.


Climbing wall parameters
Total Climbing Area 42m2
Max. height 3,5m


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