Fun Wall in a Family Home

Fun Wall in a Family Home

Children’s climbing wall – Fun Wall in a family home. Fun Walls are visually attractive climbing walls not only for children. The climbing wall is made up of a number of parts from panels that we produce on a CNC formatting saw. The panels then create various images and playful motifs and at the same time represent the function of climbing holds.

The dimensions of the climbing wall are adapted to the space in the family home. We created a 5.6-meter high wall from the original 15-meter model. The Fun Wall in the family home is complemented by a number of holds. For safe climbing, we have installed a self-belaying device, in which you just clip a climbing harness and you can climb.


Climbing wall parameters
Total Climbing Area 10,5m2
Max. height 5,6m
Max. width 2,5m


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