Climbing Wall MAG47 Climb & Coffee in Budapest, Hungary

Climbing Wall MAG47 Climb & Coffee in Budapest, Hungary

A Wall with ​​1500 m2 of climbing surface has several diverse profiles from vertical, simple for children and beginners to a huge overhang, which also dominates the wall visually. The wall also includes a training and testing center for work at heights.


The construction of the climbing wall consists of wooden frames designed and manufactured by Techwood. The climbing wall together consists of 96 parts of truss frames, of which 76 have a unique shape. The delivery and installation also included a balcony, on which there is space for shorter climbing profiles with a height of 9.5 meters.


The coating on the surface of the climbing wall is applied by solid coating technology. With its properties, the solid coating prevents the rubber (on the climbing shoe) from grinding and at the same time ensures good friction when climbing, has a long service life, and high abrasion resistance.


We have secured the delivery of Anatomic climbing holds and holds from other manufacturers to Budapest for the entire wall.


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Climbing wall parameters
Climbing Area 1500m2
Max. height of the Wall 17m
Max. wall height on the balcony 9,5m


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