Indoor climbing wall K2 Bratislava – Monster

Indoor climbing wall K2 Bratislava – Monster

In early February 2016, we finished another project that we could ranked as the TOP one. It´s projection and implementation were relly challenging and Monster was officially opened 02.12.2016.

Three years after the first openning of climbing wall K2 in Bratislava We can summarize that we built 2,500 square meters of climbing surface at one place.


Climbing wall parameters – Monster
Total Climbing Area 450m2
Climbing Area – Monster 150m2
Max. Height 15,11m
Total Width 18,40m
Left arm – hanging part 5m
Left arm – Loading test 1 tona/ 10 sekúnd


During setup and realization of the project was very important the static calculation of the most complicated parts of Monster. Desingers of Anatomic has to reinforce more thoroughly the hanging arm and head. On the top of the Monster´s head there is overlooking place, for which you can climb, later you can reach this point also more easily – behind the wall.

Left arm is sufficiently clamped by trusses, we proceed special load test only for it. According DIN EN 12572-1 regular test is 800 kg, but we loaded the arm for 1000 kg. And passed the test excellently.

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