Indoor climbing wall Tendon Hlubina Ostrava

Indoor climbing wall Tendon Hlubina Ostrava

After the final putt visuals of the new climbing wall in Ostrava, we went a bit err in local former coking plants. Currently under construction are 20 meters high climbing wall. Since it will be a “multi-storey” center construction is progressing somewhat slower.

Part of the beams that form the structure of climbing wall, had to be specially designed to load the old “bones” of the former coking plant.

Actualization 05.06.2015.

Construction work continues in full swing. We started simpler profiles that have gone fast enough. But over time, we had to move to those places more complicated.


And it is one of the more complicated the project site is a huge overhang. Therefore, due to the robustness and wall height we have built temporary floors.

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