Indoor climbing wall K2 – Bratislava

Indoor climbing wall K2 – Bratislava

We built the largest climbing wall in Slovakia – Indoor climbing wall K2 – Bratislava.

The total area of climbing surface is 2,000 square meters and max. a height of 15.5 meters including a bouldering wall. There is a rental service, climbing instructors, shop, cafe and children`s playground.

The wall is dominated by an enourmous overhang that troubles even the most experienced climbers and is surrounded by vertical and slightly overhang profiles. From the back of the overhang is “leaning against” recreational placed profile. There´s a “rectangular” line or an imitation of natural rock made from laminate that has an interesting shape.

There are less dificult climbing lines, especially by their length above the bouldering wallSeveral lines are made for top-rope style of climbing, which is perfect for beginners. Climbing with ice axes, called drytooling, is also present, it is situated in the front part of the wall above bouldering wall.

More climbing profiles are equipped with auto-belay device. You can climb more climbing routes with one auto-belay and you don´t need a climbing mate who would belay.

K2 climbing wall is the only indoor wall in Slovakia that has a speedclimbing profile. Each speedclimbing profile must meet the same specifications – gradient and length. Speedclimbing holds have specific shape. During competitions, holds must be placed on an exact position.


Indoor climbing wall K2 – Bratislava parameters
HeightClimbing Area
Climbing with rope15,5 metra2500m2
Bouldering Wall4,5 metra200m2
Fiberglass Profile10 metrov50m2


In 2018, big part of the climbing wall was renovated with solid coating technology.

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