Mobile climbing wall for rent

Vertical Portable Climbing Wall

  • Vertical mobile climbing wall with rope.
  • Height 6,25 m, the footpint 3,40 x 2.55 m
  • Time 4 hour construction. disassembly time for 2 hour

Portable Climbing Wall 2018, Hlinkovo square, Zilina

Climbing Wall CSOB Marathon, Bratislava

Portable Wall, Presov

Rent a climbing wall

Since year 2001 we offer rental of climbing walls for competitions or commercial events. You could seen our walls on competitions in Žilina, Poprad or in Ostrava.

Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Žilina
Climbing Wall K2 - Bratislava
Krov, krovy, strechy. Výroba krovov TECHWOOD
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