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Volume Shorty

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Štruktúra Shorty | Volume Shorty roof 90-degre screw
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Volume Krivan Rigth/ LeftVolume Shorty is made of solid plywood with a thickness of 18 mm. The volume has a four-sided pyramid shape with equally long opposite sides on the base. These structures are an excellent complement to any climbing wall. They are suitable to each climbing line, either vertical or overhanging.

The Volume is a modular system type, it means that you can join more volumes together. You can join Shorty like Longer for example with Volume 83, Volume Krivan, Dome, and Spike.

Properties of Volume Shorty

  • Dimensions:
    • perimeter: 39x65x39x65cm
    • height: 22cm
    • number of holes with t-nut s: 2 x 4 + 2 x 21pcs
  • Weight about: 5kg
  • For installation on a wooden surface, you need wooden screws 4,5×402x3pcs

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Additional information

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Modular system

Colors of Volumes

Black, Blue, Does not matter, Green, Light-grey, Red, Yellow