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Climbing trainings for children 2016/2017

We invite all children aged 6 to 12 years of age and their parents on climbing recruitment for the school year 2016/2017. Meet me at 12.09 Monday at 16:00 on a climbing wall K2 in Zilina. You will learn all the information on the site!

We look forward to you!
Climbing Holds - Eshop


Very pleased to announce that comes with a new online store with climbing grips. In addition to the new design it is new and that anyone can participate in the evaluation of climbing holds and sets. Will accrue and various articles and of course the new catches. We hope you enjoy.
Climbing trainings for children

Climbing trainings for children

We invite all children and parents!

On 05. 10. 2015 14:00 to 17:00 will be held a recruitment division of children into groups for training and climbing rings. During recruitment will learn all the information about the course tréningov.Lezecké trainings are suitable for children from 6 to 16 years.
Indoor climbing wall - Ostrava

Indoor climbing wall - Ostrava

After the final putt visuals of the new climbing wall in Ostrava, we went a bit err in local former coking plants. Currently under construction are 20 meters high climbing wall. Since it will be a "multi-storey" center construction is progressing somewhat slower.

Part of the beams that form the structure of climbing wall, had to be specially designed to load the old "bones" of the former coking plant.

Actualization 05.06.2015.

Construction work continues in full swing. We started simpler profiles that have gone fast enough. But over time, we had to move to those places more complicated. ...

Indoor climbing wall Rozlomity - Košice

Košice - New indoor climbing wall

In early February we moved office in eastern Slovakia. Kosice Mountaineering Club Rozlomity decided to invest in a new vymakanej climbing wall. All climbing wall will be divided into bouldering area (200 m2) and part of the climbing rope (400 m2).

In late March we finished the last painting modifications. The wall is ready for access.
Catalogue - Climbing Holds Anatomic

Catalogue - Climbing Holds Anatomic

We have prepared for you complete catalog of climbing holds Anatomic. After years of working on the new models is full of interesting shapes. All climbing holds and sets you can buy in our e-shop or send us an e-mail to

See Catalogue (18MB)
Download link: Catalogue - Climbing Holds Anatomic
K2 in Poprad Cancelled

K2 in Poprad Cancelled

Dear climbing enthusiasts,

We have sad news for you. Since February 2014 is canceled Café and Climbing Wall in Poprad. We thank all visitors for having spent time with us whether in šporotovom spirit, or cup of coffee.
But feel free to visit us in Liverpool, where you all are welcome!
Climbing Holds - New models

Climbing Holds - New models

Since this summer Marek Repčík has been working on new models of climbing holds. With his years of experience arise really interesting pieces. A constantly updated! More you see in our e-shop.

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