Climbing Walls Construction

  • Anatomic make a complete realisation of the climbing wall design, statics, construction and holds delivery.
  • We do all types of climbing walls. From small home boldering walls to large climbing centers such as K2-Walls , Wall-Spider, Climbing Center Brno.
  • Our priority is quality, static security and functionality.
  • See our References and select the type of wall, which is best for you.

Climbing wall with a height of 5 m. Walls may have self-contained construction, or may be mounting to  the building.
Each wall is designed to load protections points according the standard  EN 12572-1:2007.

Bouldering walls are walls up to 5 meters for climbing without a rope. As the impact is used foam crash pads. This type of wall is particularly suitable for schools, because of the minimal risk of injury to children and simple operation.

Outdoor walls are Walls with waterproof coating. When a project is usually suggests the roof wall. Finishing is done by a special laminated coating and silicate plaster.

See all of our reference climbing wall. Each wall, we`ve added a map, which you can find it easily.

Climbing Walls we built

Climbing Walls Building

Anatomic make a complete construction of climbing wall:
  • project (and pre-bid project is free)
  • static assessment
  • building wall
  • supply and installation holds.
Price per m2 is determined for each wall separately.

Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Žilina
Climbing Wall K2 - Bratislava
Krov, krovy, strechy. Výroba krovov TECHWOOD
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