Climbing for Kids November 2017

Climbing coureses for Kids age 6 to 12 in K2 Žilina

Climbing courses fro kids in Indoor Bouldering Wall K2 Žilina. Training block 11.09.2017 - 30.10.2017, each monday 16:30-17:30. 

Kids train in groups for begginers and medium advanced under the direction of the coach. The price of training block is 49,-EUR. Price includes entre fee and training itself. Duration of on training is 60 minutes. Payment of the coures is due to the first lesson. It is neccesery to bring application form.

We are offering climbing in form of motion and games that increase children´s strength, fitness, very important developmental coordination of movements and overall physical development. Climbing itself is supplemented by stretching exercises, exercises for muscle imbalance before and after training.

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1. Through training you should wear sportswear. In case the child does not have climbing shoes, it is more tightly sporting shoes such as football boots (without studs), exercise shoes or shoes. We recommend wearing a bottle of water (the best clean water). Please do not carry food training, consumption during training disrupts training.

2. It is more appropriate if the parent is not present during the training. The presence of parents disturbs training.

3. Parents who will come to pick up their kids after training will wait for the baby in the bar - the front of the climbing wall. If the child is to be helped during the dressing, please ask the parents to ask the attendant to go through the turnstile.

The price 1 training block: 49 €  


11.09.2017 - 30.10.2017
age 6 - 12 rokov
16:30 - 17:30


From December 2017, regular climbing courses will take place on a large newly opened climbing wall with K2 Zilina. Zlín climbing academy will offer a wider variety of climbing courses for beginners, intermediate, advanced, teambuilding, etc. We will offer more information soon.

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